BBC Scotland News manipulated the indyref findings on the Russia Report

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Part of The Great British Rip Off - Scottish oil and gas worth £17.5 bn…

7 myths about the Battle of Culloden busted

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Union of the Parliaments 1707

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Supporting Independent Scottish Media

With all the goings on just now with the BBC and alleged copyrighted videos being the cause of the removal of a couple of independence supporter's accounts on youtube. I wonder what , or who is next? So it is important to show support for the Scottish independent media.

Below are RSS Feeds to some of the top websites. You can add them to your own Rss Feed Reader, or subscribe to their website for updates etc..

Wings Over Scotland

14 August 2020

The world's most-read Scottish politics website
  • How to waste your vote
    We’ve been having a closer look at the latest polling for next year’s Holyrood...
  • An Auld Sang
    Chilling indeed, 1992 Sunday Times. Chilling indeed.
  • The Hackneyed Empire
    It is our grave and solemn duty to inform readers that there’s been another entrant in the...
  • The Unaccountables
    We have written yet again, wearily and with little hope of a meaningful response, to the Crown...
  • The other shoe drops
    Ah, so NOW we know why the SNP’s woke junior league stitched up the NEC to stop serious,...

SCOT goes POP!

14 August 2020

A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of Scotland's top 10 political websites.

Wee Ginger Dug

14 August 2020

Biting the hand of Project Fear Wee Ginger Dug

Random Public Journal

14 August 2020

News, opinion and analysis on the things that matter to you. Random Public Journal
  • Kulturkampf Scotland
    Now, we cannot say why in this case it so happens only Catholics have been singled out. Plenty of...
  • Russian Involvement
    There is every reason to assume Russia ‘undertook influence campaigns in relation to the Scottish...
  • George in Galloway
    Knowing the futility of the unionist cause and unable to make a single convincing argument for...
  • Gaming the System
    Scotland is Britain’s grand strategy, and let’s make no bones about that. Our oil – still the...
  • Supermajority: What Can It Achieve?
    Other than depriving unionist voters of political representation in the Scottish parliament, many...
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